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DPS uPVC casing and screen pipes are produced with selected PVC compounds in order to provide complete non-corrosive pipes that have exceptional mechanical properties. We deliver them with male/female threads at their ends.


  • Corrosion: These pipes are impervious to all forms of corrosion due to its chemical inertness of the castings and screens.
  • Mechanical Resistance: A trapezoidal threaded structure allows exceptional resistance to extremely high collapsing pressure and high tensile strengths of screw joints
  • Mechanical Resistance: There are two categories of castings and screen: normal and reinforced. The Mechanical strength and stiffness of the tube can handle practical loads caused by soil pressure that are apparent during the installations.
  • Slots of Well screens: A higher resistance to collapsing pressure (as compared to castings) and exceptional hydraulic properties are provided by the perpendicular disposition of the slots. Slots permeability are also adapted to the requested flow rate.
  • Food Grade: These are preferred over pipes of other materials used in the construction of artesian wells due to its food grade and hydraulic qualities.


  • Provisional casings for borehole
  • Definite casings & screens for borehole for depths ranging from 30 to 400m.

Jointing Systems

Trapezoidal threads

Standard pipe range with standard wall thickness

Slots of Screens

Slots are cut by means of circular saws and arranged transversally to the pipe axis as per DIN Standard.


Plain Casing and Slotted Pipe
Size (OD)
114 MM6.0 MM
125 MM6.5 MM
125 MM7.5 MM
140 MM7.0 MM
140 MM7.5 MM
140 MM10 MM