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uPVC pressure pipes are un-plasticized grey uPVC pipes with standard lengths of 6m that can have a push fit rubber fitting or a pre-socketed cement glue AC fitting.


  • Corrosion: uPVC pressure pipes are protected from all types of corrosion.
  • Abrasion: Compared to traditional materials these pipes have exceptional resistance to abrasions.
  • Water-tightness: With the solvent cement and the push fit rubber ring, this jointing system provides a seamless sealing of network connections.
  • Water hammer resistance: A slower surge celerity (1/3rd the rate of metal), causes a reduced water hammer effects.
  • Shock resistance: These pipes show no damage or deformations under impact tests and hence have excellent shock resistance qualities.
  • Installation: Installation is extremely simple due to outstanding weightlessness.
  • Food grade: These pipes do not alter the composition of or influence quality of drinking water in anyway


  • Drinking water supply for public, private, or industrial networks
  • Sewage systems
  • Sewage water mains
  • Piping for conveyance of liquid foodstuffs and industrial liquids
  • Underground irrigation systems.

Jointing Systems

There are two different methods to put together uPVC pipes:

  • Solvent Cement Socket
  • Push fit Rubber Ring